Stock our candles

Customers¬†love Cracklewood Candles and we’re happy to work with you to get them in front of more people. Whether that’s at markets, in your own shop or face to face, drop us a line and we can chat it through. The only thing we don’t allow is online sales.

Selling at Events

Cracklewood Candles go down a storm at craft fairs and other events. We’ve exhibited at a number of fairs in the past six months and we’ve had an amazing response from customers. All you have to do is get the candles into the hands (and under the noses) of customers and the majority will buy then and there.

If you’re interested in selling Cracklewood candles at events, contact us and we’ll talk you through it. Many craft fairs require that you make the items yourself, so we are happy to supply the materials so you can do that. Other fairs (including farmers’ markets, school events and suchlike) are happy for you to re-sell pre-made products and in that case we can provide you with candles ready to go at a discount.


Selling in shops/salons

A number of shops, salons and garden centres stock our products. In general, we sell the made candles to the outlet at a discount and they sell them on to their customers. In other situations, we supply a display set and work on an agency model where we fulfil the orders and give the agent a commission.

Drop us a line to discuss this with Peta.